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Does naltrexone require a prescription? The pill form of naltrexone (ReVia, Depade) can be taken at 50 mg once per day. The injectable extended-release form of the drug (Vivitrol) is administered at 380 mg intramuscular once a month. Naltrexone can be prescribed by any health care provider who is licensed to prescribe medications.
How long do vivitrol side effects last? The user will not suffer vivitrol withdrawal when use of the medication is stopped. Once administered, the medication takes effect within two days and lasts for an entire month. It can be used long term without any ill effects.
Does naltrexone help with pain? It's counter-intuitive to think that a drug like naltrexone which blocks the effect of opioids can help manage chronic pain. We do have some understanding that LDN (Low Dose Naltrexone) helps with autoimmune conditions. A study done on treating Fibromyalgia pain with LDN showed a 30% reduction in symptoms.
How many days does it take to detox from drugs? While the time it takes to detox from substances varies from person to person, detox programs are generally 3, 5, or 7 days long. Detox is considered the first phase of recovery from addiction and should not be considered a substitute for any necessary rehab or therapy to follow.
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