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How do you treat pollen allergies in dogs? But here are some preventatives and remedies you can try: Wipe your dog or cat's coat and paws with a damp towel to remove pollen and dander several times a day. Give your pet a bath in a hypo-allergenic shampoo and leave in conditioner. Saturate your pet's fur with a spray that contains oatmeal and aloe.
What are the early signs of dermatitis? Symptoms associated with allergic contact dermatitis include: dry, scaly, flaky skin. hives. oozing blisters. skin redness. skin that appears darkened or leathery. skin that burns. extreme itching. sun sensitivity.
Will Benadryl make my dog sleepy? Being a safe medication, Benadryl's side effects are on the mild side. The most commonly reported side effect is drowsiness. This is so common that many people give Benadryl to their dogs to help them calm down. (Diphenhydramine is even marketed and used as a sleep -aid by many people.)
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