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What is the cause of breast discharge? Common causes of a nipple discharge A benign tumor in a milk duct (intraductal papilloma) Dilated milk ducts (mammary duct ectasia) Fibrocystic changes, including pain, cysts, and general lumpiness. A breast infection or abscess.
Is it normal for breast to leak when not pregnant? Nipple discharge can occur normally during the last weeks of pregnancy and after childbirth when breast milk is produced. A nipple discharge can also be normal in women who are not pregnant or breastfeeding, especially during the reproductive years.
Does Lexapro increase prolactin? Serotonin-enhancing antidepressants may result in a rise in prolactin levels through suppression of dopamine neurotransmission. A 36-year-old woman developed galactorrhea after initiation of escitalopram for depression and was found to have an elevated prolactin level.
What does normal breast discharge look like? A normal nipple discharge is usually a thin, cloudy, whitish, or almost clear fluid that is not sticky. However, the discharge may be other colors, such as gray, green, yellow, or brown. During pregnancy or breastfeeding, a normal discharge is sometimes slightly bloody.
How do you stop breast discharge? Use a medication to shrink the tumor or have surgery to remove it. Try a medication, such as bromocriptine (Cycloset) or cabergoline, to lower your prolactin level and minimize or stop milky nipple discharge. Side effects of these medications commonly include nausea, dizziness and headaches.
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